About Us

Dr Iravatham’s Laboratory is a pioneering center in the field of Comprehensive Diagnostic Medicare. The Laboratory strives to maintain its standards of Quality, Dedication and commitment.

During 63rd year of operation at Hyderabad our laboratory has built reputation of trusted friend and partner over period of time. We have served countless people and provided wide range of diagnostics services over the years.

For many people clinical laboratory testing is an unfamiliar side of medical care, yet many of the decisions you and your healthcare provider make about your health status-obtaining a diagnosis, developing a course of action for treatment are based upon our laboratory data. Our clinical laboratory testing is adhered to NABL regulatory standards which signifies competence as per international standards.

Continuous innovation and transformation

The modern laboratory facilities, we have done our research to ensure that the medical laboratory equipment we use has been industry approved and has surpassed statistical benchmarks for risk assessment.

Our Founder Dr V Iravatham

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